Our Mission

Our mission is to save lives by providing a low-cost, highly accurate and non-invasive method of early cancer detection by using specially trained dogs to screen samples collected by doctors.

We intend to establish screening methods which are non-invasive and highly accurate in detecting cancers at an early stage, allowing the immediate onset of treatments where the chances for recovery are the greatest.

With collaboration from institutions, health care providers and individuals, we can bring canine early detection capabilities to those who share the passion of innovations which improve patient outcomes.

We plan to train and work with rescued/shelter dogs in our program whenever possible. By training these dogs to detect cancer, we will be improving their lives as well.

A Sniff Away Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Any donations you make are tax deductible.

Your generous donations will help support our missions by helping to pay for:

  • Medical Freezer
  • Facility for bio-detection training and research
  • Veterinary fees, food and training for detection dogs